Relationship Advice from Foster Homes

She says,

“When the waves shake your body

like a stressed father does to shut up a child,

do not resist it. Let it smack your chest

with a cold hand. Does that remind you

of the times your mother did it because she loved

you? Does it feel like love yet?

First you will try to run, but you can’t run in water.

Then your feet will try to kick the water harder and quicker,

but water doesn’t back down from a fight.

It tosses you harder and farther, makes you gulp air down

but you can’t open your mouth without swallowing water,

like it’s your first time swimming in rough seas. But it’s not.

The waves have you trapped.

They know you need to breath, they feed themselves to you.

They know you must kick to stay afloat,

they tie your feet together with ropes of satin.

You cannot move, you are weak against waves.

And if you defeat one, there are more out there,

ready to make you a Titanic,

holding you up to sky then casting you down,

forever bound by leather to the seafloor.

As you breath more water than air,

I want you to say:

“Yes. This feels like love.”

Try to believe it too.”


Cheering Up The Class (Prose Poem)

She looked upset, and he hated that. So he put one hand on each side of her abdomen and forced his hands to convulse. As soon as he fingers convulsed, so did her body, in a seizure of screams. It sounds like she would start the word “Help” and never finish it, over and over again. “He- He- He-”. She screamed so much. Everybody around her smiled and screamed along. She had the prettiest scream of them all.

Stand Firm

It always seems like people underestimate the power of little things. Just because the wind is blowing, doesn’t mean a tornado will start. Just because theres some sun, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna get sun burn. Living life, thinking about what could be, is painful and useless. Instead, we should pay attention to the actual problems. But often, we skip over reality and jump to what might go wrong. So just chill out, and see the world as it is.

Stand firm called the tree

Stand firm against the wind

He is not our enemy

But he is likely akin

Stand tall said the birch

Stand tall against the nights

And bird watch from perch

Keep that man in your sight.

And stand strong said the beaver

To his dam about to fall

So he cut down the tree,

And left nothing at all.

But many trees were small,

And learned to call, “Stand firm against beaver.

Don’t let him take us all!”

Morning Run

I’m gonna leave this one up to your interpretations. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Severe thunder storm warning

Happy thursday, beautiful morning

We advise you stay out of water and open fields

I think I’ll go for a run this morning

Quarter mile left, thunders catching up

Boom, boom, boom feet pound the ground

Bang bang bang, thunder cracks the sky

My oh my, what a beautiful morning

Bang boom bang, my mom always told me

Not to put my fork in the toaster, it would shock me

But I did it anyway cause I loved the thrill,

My oh my, I love this thrill

As this spark hits my hand I clench my fists,

Throw up my hands, finally surrendering

But this is not surrender,

This is my bending nature into my body,

Letting my neurons fire at unbelievable speeds

Then settle, they’ll settle for a while

Good Morning New York, beautiful sunny day

Definitely should get outside and enjoy the sun

I’ll stay inside today, the weather isn’t too great

Bang bang boom, the fork is in the toaster

And my oh my, I love this thrill

My Dear, Why Do You Pout?ty

It’s simple: If we stop focusing on all the bad we would find so much good. If I could stop complaining about snow, I could see how much fun it might be to play in it. It’s so much easier to see all the negative in the world cause there is so much of it, and we would be fools to ignore that, but it shouldn’t stress you. If I was stressed every time something bad happened, I’d have no time to enjoy my life. So lets just take a moment and be fools.

My dear, why do you pout

Is it for the spring song not sung

Or the lack of flower sprouts?

Is it for the winter snow still here

Or is it the things you fear?

Is it the sun refusing to rise

Even a bit above horizon’s line

Or the thought it may one day die

And lead to all our demise?

But my sweet, do not brood

It is only suffering you perceive

But much more can be viewed

Through the eyes of the naive