Written in a Basement- June 27th, 2017

In my bedroom, there are congas
that I’ve never beat and a Puerto Rican flag
that I’ve never hung. My dad gave them to me.
I don’t need that stuff like he did.
They call me and I put on my best gringo voice:
Sold on craigslist for 50 bucks.



Narration From Hell

When the oceans and skies cease
to hypnotize you, I hope this
will find you well:

First, notice Apollyon at the head
of your table. How long has he sat there?
Feasting, well fed, on your bread and meats.
Not once did you sense his foulness in the air.
How could you ever have known his presence?
It is not palpable unless you are awake.
You have slept and felt safe, ignorant.
Unaware he watched for your soul to take.

Now, see the criminals in your nation.
They walk so free and light of chains.
Yet alone sits a man whose unlucky fate
may not be changed nor his innocence be regained.
Did you see this injustice in your cruel sea
or is the harbinger of all sadness and truth solely me?
The day is gone, my friend, where truth is right,
and a man can rightly be free.

Do not look at the murderers around this globe,
whose hot smoke masks what they do.
Like we watched the night create day,
we will watch these ones suffer soon.

I like cadavers know these truths.
Wake up, brother, so you may know them too.
But in anger, do not begin to effuse.
Knowledge is it’s own devil, will little to lose.

A Sonnet on the First Senator

How can a senator not be a working man?
Can he work for the people to fulfill,
without working hands, that which the
farm hands demand? Oh he must be a man
of men, a man of many. Who else can he be?
No the senator is a working man.
Yet something in his tone makes me laugh.
Forgive me if he is beloved, I, an iconoclast,
should know where he is from. His father
was the son of a son of some great other son.
He has never worked in anything less than a tie,
and won’t give but the best to his foreign bride.
Oh now I’m sure he is a working man, but a different
type of work, with smoother ale and hands.

A Sonnet on a Crescent Moon

The moon, with its crescent hook dangling above us
catches my absent gaze. Yes, that is it, a hook
in an eye. A hook to pull my eyes so that I look
on open waters. We were once fisherman,
and caught big catches, with rainbow gils
and thin long whiskers. It was beautiful,
when hooks and nets were casts
and the oceans teemed with life ready
to wrestle with our god-like hooks.
All fish prey the same way and a frenzy
is a revival. Come out on the water,
and cast your nets alongside mine.
We will cook and eat and pray at noon,
and at nightfall admire a crescent moon.

I Want to Sing America

I hear demolition in the city and it forces me
to think of a donkey dawdling down waving streets
in summer, with its passenger along side him.
His face is timeless, inestimable how many times
he’s walked this road. He is manila with cement mixer
or dove hair. A rosary hangs like shingles in the storm from
wrists that sit above rough hands. His eyes are dark
and innocent. He looks through me at the road ahead.
He is immutable.

Oh I’ll find my place with the working man,
I’ll build my home with my own two hand
      in the USA! Oh yes in the USA!
Give me few dollars and a couple cents
I’ll find a nice wife and a picket fence
      in the USA! Yeah I’m in the USA!
Send me to fight in your defense
I’ll give my life as recompense
      for the USA! I’m for the USA!
Just lend me a helping hand
bring me to the promise land!
      I love the USA! I love the USA!

The song rumbles like Laredo and echoes
to Cologne. Pay close attention to the demolition
and listen for him droning:
I’m on my way to the USA
left my life to join the great
      On the way to USA!
      I hope it’s what they say!

Name Him Conquerer

There is a mix of knees and hands on asphalt,
grey sidewalks, and front steps. Show me your hands,
stained icebergs that will not recede without being scratched
and picking up some small pebble in its recession.
You will not recede without scars. You will not back down.
You will resist when they tell you to stop moving. And then,
with sudden tear of a curtain and thunder without lightening
you will stop resisting. Stop moving. Show me your hands.
The iceberg melts despite its temperature dropping. They rip
you from your shirt, like David. Made you look mad. Stripped,
The mix is settled and I see it clearer now.
Your stigmata and water in the streets.

60 Seconds on the Line

60 Seconds On The Line

0-1 sec: Indiscernible
3.0 sec: Yelling help, no, stop, help
7.3 sec: Yelling: hands (indiscernible)
9.4 sec: Sounds officer needs assistance, yelling help
12.1sec: Yells, maybe why’re you doing this
15-17 sec: Scream
19.1 sec: Scream ends
20.8 sec: Don’t know who’s talking, stay down help please stop why
26.3 sec: Yells something, maybe suspect officer needs assistance
28.2 sec: Arriving on scene
37.6 sec: Yells something, sounds like let go
45.4 sec: Scream
47.2 sec: Yells, grunting, sounds like stay still
50.7 sec: 3 gunshots
54.5 sec: Gunshot
54.8 sec: Yell, help oh my God help
57.2 sec: Yells, someone help
57.8 sec: Sounds like the words got you
59.3 sec: Officer on the radio, shots fired, send medical
59.8 sec: Yells

Call Terminated: 59.9 Seconds