Narration From Hell

When the oceans and skies cease
to hypnotize you, I hope this
will find you well:

First, notice Apollyon at the head
of your table. How long has he sat there?
Feasting, well fed, on your bread and meats.
Not once did you sense his foulness in the air.
How could you ever have known his presence?
It is not palpable unless you are awake.
You have slept and felt safe, ignorant.
Unaware he watched for your soul to take.

Now, see the criminals in your nation.
They walk so free and light of chains.
Yet alone sits a man whose unlucky fate
may not be changed nor his innocence be regained.
Did you see this injustice in your cruel sea
or is the harbinger of all sadness and truth solely me?
The day is gone, my friend, where truth is right,
and a man can rightly be free.

Do not look at the murderers around this globe,
whose hot smoke masks what they do.
Like we watched the night create day,
we will watch these ones suffer soon.

I like cadavers know these truths.
Wake up, brother, so you may know them too.
But in anger, do not begin to effuse.
Knowledge is it’s own devil, will little to lose.


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